42 Ft LEOPARD Catamaran

Boat Details

Length 42 ft
Speed 5 knots

42 Ft LEOPARD Catamaran manufactured by ROBERTSON & CAINE in 2002, powered by YANMAR 2 x 40 CV engines.

She features an unparalleled living area, far larger than a sailboat. She has three double cabins with a total capacity of six guests. This limitation provides privacy and enables everyone to take full advantage of every space of the boat.

Our Catamaran sails under the French flag and is maintained by specialists.

With the assistance of a professional crew who is well familiar with Corsica, you will be able to:
* The assurance of a ship that is fully protected by safety and electronic equipment (GPS, depth sounder, AIS, etc.)
* The presence of a qualified merchant navy skipper (Captain 200 sail)
* The certainty of a legal activity that has been registered with the Department of Maritime Affairs.

DIMENSIONS: Length 12.62 m, Width 6.93 m

BOAT CAPACITY: With her elegant and comfortable ambiance, she may accommodate up to 12 passengers comfortably on board.

COMFORTS: She's a well-equipped catamaran that'll make your boat charter a pleasure!

ACCOMMODATION: 3 Double Cabins with private Bathrooms, Electric Toilets.

SKIPPER’S CABIN: The skipper takes up a cabin, which frees up common areas while still ensuring your comfort & privacy.

FEATURES: No Shelter, No Roll, Shallow Draft to Approach the Coast, 360° panorama

GALLEY: Functional Kitchen, Barbecue

OUTDOOR: An Awning to Protect Against the Sun, Clear Deck Area

ENTERTAINMENT: Radio with MP3 and WMA Player


ECLECTIC: Generator

Trip Details

ROUTE PLAN FOR SAILING: If you have no idea where you could go on a sail, your skipper may recommend three wonderful routes to you.


DEPART: Saturday 14.00 pm

RETURN: Friday 14.00 pm

Make plans for a crossing by sea.

You'll need 30 to 45 minutes to get to Saint-Florent if you disembark at Bastia.

If you depart at Ile Rousse or Calvi, it will take you nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Saint-Florent.

You may also fly to Corsica and land at Bastia Poretta Airport.

ABOUT THE SKIPPER: Your merchant marine qualified captain, is at your service. His exceptional knowledge of Corsica will allow him to assist you throughout your catamaran journey. He is originally from Saint-Florent.

His responsibility is to oversee the ship's operations and assure everyone's safety. As a consequence, he is compelled to change the program to the passengers' preferences as well as the navigational situations (weather, refueling, time management, place in the port, etc.).

If you really like it, he may teach you how to do maneuvers and handle sails or help you improve your abilities.

MEET AND GREET: When and how you arrive in Corsica, meet at the following location:

DEPARTING FROM SAINT-FLORENT: A catamaran sail in Haute Corse with a skipper

What makes Haute Corse so special? Haute Corse is blessed with a fantastic location:

* since it is wild, it has preserved authentic landscapes

* It is quite varied, combining beaches and mountains.

* Less congested, a sensation of being alone in the world.

What makes Saint-Florent unique? The colorful village is bounded to the east by Cap Corse and to the west by the Désert des Agriate, which includes the famed Saleccia beach.

What is the itinerary for your Corsican cruise? The cruise schedule adjusts to your interests for your vacation: beach, swimming, short hike, navigation. The ultimate choice will be dependent mostly on the Dame METEO CORSE!

Three cruise possibilities departing from Saint-Florent:

Small coves and extensive landscapes await admiration in the middle of the Agriate Desert. To fully appreciate all of the subtleties of this coastline, approach it by boat.

The tour departs from Saint-Florent and goes through the Agriate Desert, revealing the splendor of Corsica's west coast: the cove of Fiume Santu with its Mortella tower, Lodo beach, and the iconic Saleccia beach.

Ile Rousse, with its shimmering colors, just out into the sea further on. Calvi, surrounded by its citadel, looks out over a magnificent gulf. The navigation will take you to Girolata and leading you to the Scandola Reserve, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Capo Rosso, Corsica's most westerly cape, reveals its relief and magnificent c aolorsfter the Agriate Desert, Calvi, and the Scandola national reserve. The site with transparent waters seems to take you back to the Jurassic period, with arches, caverns, coves, and pitfalls.

CAPRAIA is a city in the province of Capraia in Italy. A sail between France and Italy! Sail around Cap Corse's wild coastlines and appreciate Nonza's tower and it’s a unique beach.

Centuri is characteristic of Corsican navies, with its lobster fishing port. Many fish will join you swimming at anchor.

Taking the path that leads to the island of Giraglia, the Finocchiarola islands of Cap Corse, and the Santa Maria tower are all worth seeing.

A Tuscan getaway with a layover in Capraa, a small Italian island not far from Corsica's east coast. The historic village and its fortress provide a breathtaking view of the coast.

FROM SAINT FLORENT TO CAPRAIA: Discover more about Capraia. When you come upon the tower that overlooks Capraa Isula's cove, it's hard not to think of a game of chess. With a surface size of 19 km2, this Tuscan archipelago island is an intimate stopover.

GULF OF ST FLORENT: The beach resort of Saint-Florent, which is quite popular with boaters, offers its gulf to navigation. The large white sand beaches of Saleccia and Lodo rub shoulders with the small coves of Fiumesante, Guignu, Malfalco, and Travo in the Agriate Desert.

The harshness of the relief alternates with geological curiosities such as the grey beach of Nonza or the pigeon cave on the other side of Cap Corse, which falls steeply into the sea.

A unique opportunity to experience Corsica's natural beauty and authenticity.

SAINT FLORENT: BETWEEN CAP CORSE AND DESERT DES AGRIATE: St Florent is 45 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from the commercial port of Bastia. It's a great place to start your trips. Saint-Florent is a famous yachting destination, protected from the east winds by the Cap Corse and from the west by the Desert des Agriate. The village provides favorable circumstances for a pleasant trip.

SAINT-FLORENT: By sea, explore Saint-Florent and its gulf. A one-day getaway to interact with the Mortella tower and the Agriate Desert, swim in crystal clear waters and let the sun caress you. This is a wonderful discovery!

HOLIDAYS IN CORSICA ON OUR CATAMARAN: Keep in mind that you are preparing for a controlled adventure before departing on your trip. To set up the stages of your trip, inform the skipper about your preferences, constraints, and your state of mind. Long navigations might be tedious, so don't make a trip plan that's overly complex. Decide whether you want to eat at a restaurant or enjoy a delicious meal on board.

The presence of the skipper enhances the experience of your sail. The key terms for a nice interaction on board are respect and good manners.

Parents are obligated in every manner for their children's safety, specifically the safety of their youngest children, who have difficulty assessing the risks involved. For his part, the skipper is focused on ensuring the ship's flawless operation.

For obvious safety precautions, alcohol consumption is permitted in moderation, specifically when sailing.

There are also some reading materials, fishing equipment, and a few board games on board.

A catamaran is a very pleasant ship, but it does not have all of the amenities of a house. Adapting is a necessary part of the journey!

- No suitcase, to be precise!

- Travel bags that are light and easy to store
- Towel for the beach
- Rain gear
- Clothing that is warm
- If you don't have boat shoes, go with flat shoes with white soles.
- Flip Flops
- Bring woolen clothing regardless of the weather.
- Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat or cap are all recommended.
- Keep in mind that you are on a boat and therefore energy self-sufficient while packing your toiletries bag (water and electricity).
- Don't forget to leave your electric razor and hairdryer at home.  (An option is to use dry shampoo!)
- Even though some snorkeling equipment is available onboard our catamaran, bring your fins, masks, and snorkels.

- Carry your prescription medications and pharmacy.
- There will be no medicine provided on board.
- Treatment for seasickness (catamaran are stable)
- Repellent for mosquitos (Insects are rare at sea)
- Sunburn and jellyfish stings may both be relieved with the right products, kindly carry the right prescribed products with you.

PRIOR TO DEPARTURE, YOU WILL BE CONTACTED: We will contact you 2-3 days prior to your departure to take an assessment of the items available onboard, please avoid bringing 15 liters of olive oil on board as it will slow down the boat.


1- Your own supplies – you can supply us with supplies from the Saint-Florent stores on the day of your arrival.

2- Relaxed option - you can shop and pay for your groceries online (with exception of items that require refrigeration or freezing) and pick them up at the GEANT CASINO (Bastia Furiani) at 6:30 p.m. on Friday D-1 of your arrival. On the day of departure, everything will be brought on board. At a cost of 60 euros, this option must be requested when making your reservation.

3- You have the option of choosing your items and dishes made by our partner. On the day of departure, everything will be carried into the catamaran.

Prefer items with little packaging in any situation. Dry groceries (pasta, rice, etc.) are indispensable and always useful. Water, water, and water, (1.5 liters of water per day per person also for the skipper). Fruits and vegetables ripen speedily, and there is a limited amount of storage space available. All the equipment you'll need to make your meals will be on board. Do you want to dine out? The skipper's address would be obviously right.

D-DAY! Saint-Florent is a popular coastal resort located 30 minutes from Bastia's port and 45 minutes from the airport. We may provide you with the contact details for a taxi driver with whom you can make direct arrangements to reach us.

Fill up on water, gas, and fuel once you're on board. The shops in Saint-Florent can enable you to complete your shopping.

We'll give you a safety briefing once you've done your preparations, and then it's time to go!

THE DAY AFTER: After you've finished your breakfast, go for a swim in Corsica's beautiful blue waters! If the weather cooperates and conditions are good, the journey will go according to your plan.

The navigation is punctuated with swimming stops and visits. You may enjoy in the catamaran's relaxation areas from mooring to mooring; sailing is a great way to unwind.

If you so desire, you may take control of the catamaran.

Private catamaran trips are available at a daily rate.

By reservation, a maximum of 10 persons can be accommodated.

950 €/day

Private Weekly Charters

  • (Apr - May )€4650 EUR(May - Jun )€5550 EUR(Jun - Jul )€6650 EUR(Jul - Aug )€7450 EUR(Aug - Aug )€6650 EUR(Aug - Sep )€5550 EUR(Sep - Sep )€4650 EUR
  • SCHEDULE: From Saturday 2.00 PM – Friday 2.00 PM

    INCLUDED: Bedding and Towels, Skipper Service, Insurance, Gas

    NOT INCLUDED: Transfers, Mandatory Personal Liability Insurance, Refueling Costs, Final Cleaning 180€, Extra Water Fills, The fuel of the Catamaran nor that of the Tender, Stand-up Paddle available on the reservation before Departure (Stand-up paddle rental at the rate of 150€/week/paddle)
Final Cleaning 180 EUR, Stand-up paddle 150 EUR