29.5 Ft NUC Semi-Rigid Boat

Loď Podrobnosti

Délka 29.5 ft
Rychlost 40 knots

29.5 Ft NUC Semi-Rigid Boat built by CAPELLI in 2017, powered by YAMAHA 2 X 200 CV engines, allowing her to cruise at 27 knots and reach a peak speed of 40 knots.

DIMENSIONS: Boat Length 9m, Boat Width 3m

BOAT CAPACITY: She has the capacity to carry up to 12 guests in comfort!

The semi-rigid can accommodate up to 12 passengers. It has been built by Capelli-yard, made in Europe, it offers comfort and security and allows you to explore every corner of the coast in a small group. It can also be the perfect tool to stroll along the coast and take the time to stop in a small rocky cove. Only the luxury of a visit of the creeks of Piana by boat in a small committee makes that possible. In command of the boat: Yoann, who was Dominique's second for a long time. You will therefore find the same spirit of conviviality and the same desire to make you discover these fabulous sites in the best way. Its limited number of places makes its privatization quickly accessible.

PLEASE NOTE: This boat is not recommended for pregnant women, very young children, or people with specific health problems. Please contact us and let us know before booking or choosing our passenger boat.

Detaily výletu

CORSICA  is a real encounter with the wild fauna and flora and is a favorite place for lovers of large-scale natural scenery. Here, lovers of the sea and its secret coves will be delighted by a boat trip in the surprising scenery of its protected shoreline. Some of the island's paradisiac sites are accessible only by water, such as the Scandola nature reserve, considered a hotspot of marine biodiversity. The best way to admire the landscape is to do it during a sightseeing boat tour. Enjoy an authentic and immersive experience, by boarding for a boat trip, full of emotions, discoveries, and breathtaking landmarks, guided by a pilot aware of the preservation of our island and involved in its protection.

Piana creeks Evening Charter/Semi rigid (Shared Charter)

  • $43 USD
  • Onboard our 12-seat-semi-rigid

    Departure: Port of Cargese
    Boarding: 18.15
    Return: 20.00

    Our cruise starts by Sailing to the Umigna tower, Arone Beach and Capo Rosso. We will visit the caves and the creeks of Piana.

    Charter Cost: 43 Euro p/p
Další Cestující: 43 USD